kotobuki delicatessen

Interior design for a delicatessen located in the ground floor atrium of a newly built commercial complex.

The space was originally planned as a common hall/foyer atrium next to the EV, but was leased without modification as a restaurant tenant, and was required to create a lively space for eating and drinking.
After comparing the shop's requirements with the facility plan (e.g. ceiling space, equipment, etc.) and legal requirements, it was decided to create a minimal kitchen and seating in the atrium.
It was necessary to create a public face as well as a shop face, since the plot occupies an important position in the building, visible from the street, and is part of the façade.
As a result, the project was not only to create a shop, but also to organize the plot and renovate the common space including the façade, by adding functions, spatiality and habitability to the "atrium", which was symbolically created without assuming any spatial use, such as the decorative EV volume made of local wood and the unplanned plan.

A nested volume was created as the facade of the shop facing the stairwell, and a lighted signboard was created on the other side of the EV by the window. The top of the nested volume is made semi-transparent, and is set up like an internally illuminated sign with depth using the lighting in the kitchen, and together with the lighted signboard on the other side, it stands alongside the volume of the EV, aiming to look like a streetscape.
While resolving the discrepancy between the required kitchen area and the non-atrium area, we created an opportunity to spend time in a long/ narrow space that is a little like a perch, connected to the human scale.

The lighted signboard is in the form of a lamp with a broad base, and is placed in the most conspicuous corner of the building, close to the EV volume, to create a continuous line of sight and streetscape from the outside to the atrium and inside.
In the seating area, benches and fixtures are connected to the 1.2m pitch of the sash elevations to create a landscape without too much exposed foot space.