Interior design of the cafe in the nightlife district.

The plot is on the corner along a river that separates the shopping and office areas from the nightlife district, like the river Styx, it was requested to satisfy contradictory requirements such as popularity reaching a wide range of customers and the edge feeling to experience newness, an atmosphere that is calm and can not stay on too long time.
Also, how to show clearly that 1,2F is a different shop was a big problem, because it have to divide the property into two tenants, originally used by one tenant at one entrance,.

At first, a new entrance was made on the other side in front of the smaller way instead of the main street, a new wall was set up based on the existing staircase in the room, and separate 1F and 2F as two different tenant. In addition, the eave is made in order to stay under it.

Although it is an intrinsic signboard that shines brilliantly like as the neighbour's signboard in the nightlife district, the signboard is made of inflatable signboard that inflates with the exhaust of the room. As a result, the light shape make soft and obscure, the signboard become a cute pop icon against the urban atmosphere.

The wall beside the stairs was made of a material that separates light into spectrum. This wall became a screen that amplifies and projects the light and shadow of a boulevard car or crowd like a shadowy picture and a shadow play of multi-color, and it is a space let us feel a urban atmosphere that soft light and gorgeousness fills the room.

The inside is made of a material that is simple and easy to understand, such as a cafe-like material. The signboard and semitransparent walls were too strong and we kept it in a casual atmosphere easy for anyone to enter so that we would not lose the café likeness.