DEAN & DELUCA cafe shinyurigaoka OPA

Interior design of a cafe in the shopping complex in front of the suburban station of Tokyo.

The entrance and external seating was immediately visible from the station, but as it was an important eye-catcher, the position of the entrance was changed to give a better view of the restaurant and the external seating on the terrace overflowing with plants.In the window of the restaurant, we have created the spacious raised seating area, as many customers come with their children.

The interior space was divided into two main areas by the two entrances in the middle of the shop and the flow line between the serving counter and the entrances. The above-mentioned space on the station side is a lively space from the store area with the service counter to an area for drink with a big table and the raised seating area, and terrace, while the other space facing the two streets is a space where you can feel the tranquillity beside the bustle.

By combining a limited number of materials for elements such as seating, fixtures, counters and decorations, and grouping them in a multi-layered way, we have created a generous landscape unified but with multiple "movements", then have tried to achieve both comfort and brand.





DEAN & DELUCA cafe shin-yurigaoka OPA