DEAN & DELUCA cafe colette mare minatomirai

Interior design for a cafe on the ground floor of a commercial complex in front of Sakuragi-cho Station, the gateway to Minato Mirai.

We were required to create two facades, one facing the outdoor eaves of the ground floor and the other facing the corridor inside the building. It was important to find a way to combine the face of the brand, the face of the city and the face of the facility.
We also required a space that would allow a variety of people to share the space and be able to choose the scene that best suits them, whether they are taking a break in the morning before work, having a chat after watching a film, chatting on their way home from school, having a cup of tea in between shopping trips, or having a conversation before a business meeting.

We decided to create two facades, one with a dignity and frontality as an "entrance", and the other with a sense of euphoria by the "gaze", although it is easy to enter. Although the content of the "brand" is the same, the target audience and the environment are different, so it was necessary to create a difference from the design framework.

The outdoor façade is symmetrical, creating a new axis and node with a strong frontal character. In the park in front of the station, many people spend their time sitting on the edge of the planting area, and we inherited this context to create an entrance where people can sit on the edge of the planting area and relax, creating a stagnation in the heavy commuter flow in the morning and evening.

The walls and facades tend to be placed in relation to the lease line, but we created a straight demarcation wall just inside the pillars of the building, away from the lease line. This wall organises the interior space in a simple box shape, and responds to the two facades as drawing the symmetrical axis into the interior, separating it from the corridor, enhancing the interior habitability. 45 degree diagonal lines are added to this simple space by the cashier counter and the electrical ducts, allowing the traffic flow smoothly from the two facades and give movement to the space.

On the indoor façade, a "pseudo-terrace" was created in the space between this demarcation wall and the lease line. Together with the plantings, the eaves and the bare concrete columns, which are not found in this facility, the façade is brutal, uncontrolled and semi-natural. We are conscious of that people staying in the cafe and passing by feel a sense of euphoria by the “gaze". So as to form that relation, by the shop which is made the shop visible and invisible by the wall having a certain rhythm of openings, like a corridor, the pseudo-terrace, the planting, the pillars ,the people are made feel desire to see.

In Sakuragi-cho station, the entrance to the Minato Mirai and Shinko areas and the former Yokohama station, there are no simple elements that evoke Yokohama or the port city, so we used bricks for the benches and shelves immediately inside the shop and for the flowerbeds on both sides of the entrance porch. Ideally, this cafe will be the trigger for a context in which the bricks will be quoted in each of the internal and external spaces surrounding the park in a natural way.

From this point of view, the majority of the shops in the facility are fully open, with the interior landscape taking on the role of the façade, and the large spaces with fixtures dividing the areas, like an exhibition hall, do not seem to offer many varied viewpoints. We believe that a variety of simple simile and quotations of the corridors in the facility like this one will create a rich walking experience.

By combining a limited number of materials for elements such as seating, fixtures, counters and decorations, and grouping them in a multi-layered way, we have created a generous landscape unified but with multiple "movements", then have tried to achieve both comfort and brand.









DEAN & DELUCA cafe Colette・Mare