Dwelling for young couple and 3 children
The site is located on the edge of the sprawl, the residence and the farmland are intertwined, and the distinctive scenery of the "Japanese suburbs" with a strong contrast is characteristic.

The owner is a person who engages in the construction industry, and customize it while having fun more and more from now on.So I thought about a simple and primitive roof of japan that can boldly change the environment and life style by low-tech.
In order to better incorporate the environment of four seasons in Japan, the roofing material is translucent, the ceiling can be opened and closed, and the attic ,empty space controls the environment(its light, rain, heat) of the living space. In addition, considering the summer ventilation and the heat insulation in winter, the wall of the north and south was made a leap door . As respiring, residents close to and open the building according to the environment, it is a residence that is the extension of the body. Although it may not be a way of living where many people are accepted, it is a way of living enjoying grace while interacting with the environment, not living in a box like a refrigerator tupper that is tightly separated by insulation material.

In the interior, taking the light by the skylight, except for the core (wet area), we made a living space by movable object, shoji, screen, screen tatami. Each object was designed individually, so that each unspoiled object gathered together as an interior space. It is supposed to create a good rhythm as the background of customization and furniture that will gradually be added.

The framework was made as the wagoya structure(the roof of the Japanese hut structure), which is a form of roof suitable for the Japanese environment. Its form is born out of the necessity of inside and outside that it is a low, flat and comfortable interior space compatible with the mode sitting on floor and a steep slope to promptly flow the rain and a gentle slope for daylighting.But the authority and its nostalgia ,born from the double roof,is emasculated by cheap (impressing) material(there are the contradiction between the image and theroof material… ).The form of the shell becomes clearer and the empty space scooped with its shell becomes the core of this residence there.

I flatter myself to be able ro create a new Japanese rural landscape that the roof that scooped the sky drifted and changed its appearance like breathing.


そこで環境や、生活スタイルをローテクに大胆に変化させられるシンプルで原初的な屋根(primitive hut)を考えた。