A store that sells Japanese textiles in Kyoto.

It is necessary two space, one is for selling their products using their own textile on 1F, and the other is for selling the textiles by measure on 2F. Also the client requested "Kyoto atmosphere” in order to let the traveler feel easy to buy the products as a souvenir. Also, because it was a low budget, I designed the interior that would be completed with a simple details construction and DIY.

I changed the entrance to the path from the main street which was used by former owner as a restaurant, made the simple flow line, and made a window that can be used as a show window in the main street. It became a "Kyoto-like" shop that have invisible boundary and show window.

Iinstead of making everything from nothing, we adjusted the details and color in order to balance with the goods, while leaving a certain amount of Japanese parts, such as exposed pillars and beams, spandrel wall, outer walls of burned cedar, latticework of windows, etc. .