Residential renovation for couples with children.

It was desirable to arrange 9-part flat-plane, that is general in Japan, into a large space and two bedrooms. The large space was also desired as a simple box-like space like an art museum.

Because of the budget, we did not change the two bedrooms, the bathroom, the toilet and the washroom, and demolished the other spaces into a T shape space. The wall line was reconsidered according to the beam of the building frame, and the space between them was reconstructed as served space. Also, we were able to adopt a large scale as three large windows( which are same shape) are lined up in one room, that is not a residential scale. As a result, it became a majestic yet cozy space like a medieval castle surrounded by thick walls.

Linoleum was laid on the floor to keep comfort while still being simple, and an electric screen was installed for climate control. The furniture was a lavan 's massive box, making it possible to leave architectural scale. Also, due to the gap between the existing wall lines and the new wall lines, there was the deep closet and alcove storage.