Housing for couples with children.

The site is located in the nature rich and quiet area of ​​the old capital city suburbs, but because it faces a road where you can not get by a car along the stream , it was necessary to assume strict restrictions on loading and work from the very beginning. Therefore, I thought about making spread and complexity while using small, light and small kinds of materials.

In order to limit the size of the structural material, we made a very restrained monotonous framework at intervals of 1.8m, and a simple sheet of corrugated sheet and aluminum sash was also covered with a monotonous covering. The cubic-lattice column beams are seen and hidden in the cover of an inorganic house mold. Columns, sashes, furniture overlapped, the diagonally connected plane and section also helped, spreading indoors and out, creating a complicated and rhythmic soft appearance.

Also, because the site is in the valley, I created an indoor space that makes use of each light, 1F which can obtain a very calm light, 2F which is beautiful view and sunny.We made terrace 1 where calm light comes in from 4 directions and terrace 2 where elongated light intensity varies and made terraces connecting them three-dimensionally. As a result, the semi-exterior space became a three-dimensional structure of the bedding connecting the rooms and the garden, and a space with a variety of places and a story connecting it was created in a neat cubic-lattice column beams.

In terms of the environment, we planned to improve passively the ventilation, daylighting by making the entrance and the terrace, the bay window, the ventilation hood protrude from the 10.8m* 5.4m plane(it makes the wind pressure difference to the interior and the exterior). Indeed it succeeds in getting considerable wind streets and soft light and it is an indoor space suitable for high humidity environment of valley.