Katada Tomoki




The terrace houses under planning in the new urban area of ​​the hub city of Osumi Peninsula.
From the circumstances where the front road width, the flagshape-like site, large and small buildings and relatively small-scale residences and farmland are mixed, we decide to plan a terrace houses of 10 flat houses. because it is the southernmost area of ​​Japan and rural area, it is necessary to match the sense of sharing to the area.

Due to the influence of volcanic ash from Sakurajima and Kirishima, the shape of the roof have no gutter because of the low-gradient. The shape of the roof is made into a mortar shape, the flow of water is controlled, and a new skyline unique to this area is conceived. As the roof continued, every house have a checkered arrangement plan, and the interior space and the exterior space make equal. We believe that such a skyline and porous environment will create a charming mix of buildings and nature.

Including a approach to each residence, expand the living space, we aim for making a district where you can feel the richness of living in that area.


桜島と霧島からの火山灰の影響があるため、勾配の緩い横樋をなくすことができるよう、屋根の形を決定した。屋根の形をすり鉢状とし、水の流れを制御し、この地域ならではの新しいスカイラインを構想した。その屋根が連なるように各戸を市松状の配置計画とし、室内と室外が対等な住空間をもたせた。 そのようなスカイラインとポーラスな環境が、集落のような建物と自然が入り混じった魅力を生み出すと考えている。


kanoya dwellings

residence -in progress-