Interior design of a general store where various kinds of things gather.

I thought that products became the leading role and that its diverse variety seemed attractive. Also, considering the future development, it was asked for a setting that have “Japanese“ atmosphere.

Considering the ease of use (including customs) at stores, we reach a certain standard plan and fixture. By daringly using this completed plan, I removed the so-called "sweetness" by adjusting the floor, breadth, niche, indirect lighting, fixture allocation, etc. As a result, there are the “Japanese“ atmosphere and the differences from other stores with reasonable decorativeness.

By dividing into hierarchies, I design and let coexist architectural things and furniture things, organized things and not regarding each hierarchies, each rationality, and each functionality. by these operation, we aimed for orchestrated harmony by products, materials.

Although it is made to be simple background based on white because it becomes the background of the product, by using thing with noise in the material, we could obtain a warm background like the old picture.

These materials are white ,because it becomes the background of the product
, but the background have a warm atmosphere like the old picture by using the “noise” materials.






Floyd dainagoya building

interior shop