DEAN & DELUCA cafe Tokyo College of Music Nakameguro・Daikanyama Campus

Interior design of a café for a music college that has moved to a new location between Nakameguro and Daikanyama.

The café was to act as an advertising platform for the campus, which aims to be an open university to the local community, as well as a foyer for the reception of concerts in the university hall. In addition, the café was required to be usable for students.
There were also concerns about the facility's design, which included wood flooring, apertures, counter positions and a terrace. In particular, there were concerns about the divergence between the brand image and the ceramic-infused wood flooring, and the division of the space between the diagonally opposite entrances to the school and to the street and the counter.

The gentle texture of the flooring that had been selected diverged from the brand image, as recent shops have appeared more modern with marble, stainless steel, concrete, glass and dark grey. Therefore, by using rough materials with knots etc. of the same species for the tables and benches that come into closer contact with the hands, and LVL materials for the counters and desk tables, the emphasis was shifted from the clean and overly mature flooring to rough and figurative materials with a natural rigour, in a way of anti-climax.
The ceramic infused wood flooring with cut-pile carpets in the raised seating area, leather lounge chairs and linoleum tables, concrete columns with pigmented cork boards wrapped around the columns, LVL counter with white marble tops, etc., are all examples of the selection of the furniture and materials placed in front of materials with strong textures in large areas, that are abstract at a distance, but up close, the elegant textures of the materials can be felt. From a distance, the abstract forms seem to be scattered among the textures, but when you stay in the space, the overall texture is compensated by the texture at hand.

At the entrance, we placed a large, irregularly shaped table made from a collection of ordinary round tables. This table, that we called “Swimmy” table, has no fixed shape and is suitable for a university, where the character of the place is shaped by the gathering of its people.

At the back of the room, there is the raised seating area that can be used as a stage for small concerts and talks, while encouraging the free use of the space, such as sitting cross-legged or lying down. The depth of the area changes along the perimeter zone to create a borrowed view of the terrace. The surface is covered with carpet and there is enough space for infants to sit on the veranda or to sit in a circle at the back.

Along the counter, a desk lamp and a big desk are placed between the pillars, separating the serving area from the eating area along the window. Smaller pieces of furniture sit facing each other, creating a small space, whereas the architecturally scaled furniture of the big desk, desk table, the raised seating area and bench are designed to gather side-by-side, creating a large open space. For this reason, the desk lamp has been designed to be high enough to show the atmosphere on the other side of the room, and the large hole perforated metal shade and the dotted LED line light have been used to add a touch of colour to the space.

Between the architecturally scaled furniture, the seating is arranged in a way that responds to the different ways of spending one's time: two-seater, four-seater and lounge chairs are grouped in a multilayered way, each with its own shape, colour and material, in order to create a lively area.

By maintaining the brand's signature tones and colours and striking a balance between the abstract and the concrete, the space appeals to the area's many designers and fashion stores, while at the same time being a welcoming and open space, helping to open up the university to the local community.









DEAN & DELUCA cafe Tokyo College of Music Nakameguro・Daikanyama Campus