Interior design of quirky ramen shop.

The owner called "Gyu-san" opened a ramen shop with a old good cafe interior in the side street of the port town, but it had to be decided to leave due to the aging of the building. In recent years, the number of properties with atmosphere like side streets has been decreasing, he decided to relocate with a faint expectation to the old wooden apartment where the atmosphere of the Showa era remains. So I proposed to relocate the kitchen used in the previous as it is and to make a store as if it had been open for a long time.

Also, it was supposed that a large amount of sundries and small items, posters etc. collected by the owner's hobby was placed, so how to control order and chaos by the interior finish, parts and details became a problem.

Therefore, I reduced and arranged the lines that are visible by demolishing, so that the existing finish of each room can be seen next to each other.By coexisted some kind of finish , instead of unifying the finish, three sacales, the scale of sundries and small items, posters etc. and the scale of the building, the scale of the furniture, become closer. And between those scales, I aimed for harmony and discordance like counterpoints to be born.

With this kind of control, the grid of the column beam, the patchwork of the wall / ceiling, the galvalume steel plate wall and the galvalume range hood that was relocated, the doors less showy than originally, with the relocated handles, the white counter with inner luster, the relocated air conditioner which is just width of the room, various people gathering at the store, clear and template glasses, posters and DMs, postcards, sundries and small items, all these building elements of large and small are integrated while keeping order and chaos, and a unique “Gyu finish" was created as if the owner's character turns into a space as it was.